What we offer?


At Razlin Capital, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding execution for equities and bonds, with a particular focus on emerging markets. Our team combines expertise and efficiency to ensure trades are executed efficiently even in the complexities of emerging market environments. We prioritize cost-effectiveness in our services, striving to provide value while maintaining competitive pricing structures.


Our operations strictly adhere to regulatory standards, maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations to safeguard your investments. Razlin navigates the intricacies of emerging markets with precision, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory diligence, ensuring your investment goals are met with confidence.

Private Markets

Our company specializes in facilitating investments in private markets, offering access to exclusive opportunities for investors. With a robust network spanning across emerging markets, we provide unique insights and connections to unlock the full potential of these dynamic investment landscapes. Leveraging our extensive expertise and strategic partnerships, we guide clients through the complexities of private market investments with confidence and precision. Whether it's venture capital, private equity, or alternative assets, our tailored approach ensures that every investment aligns with our clients' goals and objectives.

Clearing Facilitation

Our firm is uniquely positioned to facilitate the clearing of equities and bonds through our extensive network of partner relationships in both developed and emerging markets. Leveraging these strategic alliances, we ensure seamless and efficient processing of transactions, providing our clients with unparalleled convenience and reliability. With our partners' expertise and infrastructure, we streamline the clearing process, minimizing complexities and reducing settlement risks.

Regulatory Hosting (Umbrella Service)

Our regulatory umbrella hosting service provides a secure and compliant environment for financial firms seeking FCA-regulated permissions. By leveraging our FCA-regulated scope of permissions, clients can confidently operate within the regulatory framework while focusing on their core business activities. With our expertise and support, firms can navigate complex regulatory requirements efficiently, ensuring peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

Our Partners