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Capital Raising

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Razlin provides specialist and customised advice to its clients on all aspects of capital raising. The Razlin team has the ability to raise funds through its vast network of institutional investors, family offices and professional high-net-worth individuals.
We provide high touch specialist advisory service, undertake best deals in terms of ESG values, upside and strategy for our best in class client base. We operate confidently due to our knowledge in the sector of private market investments. We evaluate right investments for our clients whom we know well.
Our sales approach is customised, 1:1.  
We deliver partnership to our clients and the projects we take on.

Corporate Access - Emerging/Frontier Markets

Following Mifid II, the way investors access corporates has drastically changed and yet access to these corporates remains as important as ever. Razlin’s team of former Emerging/Frontier markets investment bankers and salespeople have over 25 years of experience placing and listing more than 200 IPOs in the Emerging/Frontier capital markets space. Our on-the-ground network of corporates in this space spans across all sectors.

Exchange Listing Services

Razlin specialises in a wide range of bespoke exchange listing services for both equity and debt. First and foremost our team will act as a liaison to the exchange during the listing application process. Depending on what your company’s needs are, we can be involved in anything from document preparation to institutional grade research to general consulting. Once your company is listed, Razlin will continue to work with you in order to ensure you comply with rules of the exchange.

Regulatory Advice

Razlin’s regulatory hosting platform allows both small and start-up businesses to operate under its regulatory license. Our turnkey offering is often a better solution than committing time and resources to obtaining and maintaining direct regulatory authorisation. We welcomed the FCA’s review of principal firms and its “Dear CEO” letter (May 20, 2019) as it outlined very clearly what is expected of Razlin a regulatory host if we are to continue to become the primary solution for new start-ups.     

Research & Strategy

Investment research design has continued to evolve in order to keep up with regulatory changes.  Having met with thousands of global institutional investors in the past, the Razlin team of former sell-side analysts and strategists is in a unique position to provide its clients with a bespoke research report that can be used for a pitch book, capital raising or an IPO/listing.

Trading Solutions

Razlin is comprised of seasoned financial markets traders with over 100 years of combined expertise executing in international capital markets. We offer trading solutions in Emerging, Frontier and Developed Market Equity and Debt. We can also facilitate Prime Brokerage and Custody Services for clients who require them. 

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